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Why There’s a Ford for Every Situations

Ford has been a well-known brand for many years. It’s one of those manufacturers that seems to cover every type of car you would want. From something reasonably priced and cheap to insure for a first-time driver. Through to someone wanting a muscle car with a quick and responsive engine. With everything in between does the Ford range have it all? You will find that there is a Ford vehicle for every eventuality.

The Small Car Market

The small car market has fast become more than what it used to be. Gone are the days when this meant you were buying a cheap little runaround. These cars are now iconic and the choice of car for not only first-time drivers but also young professionals. They also make the perfect secondary car for young families. The Ford Fiesta is an iconic hatchback that has been on our roads since 1976. With 3 and 5 door versions, low engines with great consumption figures. There isn’t much you can dislike about the Fiesta range.

The Family Car Market

A family car used to be something you purchased for more space. But these days there is much more to it than that. Plus there is far more choice, making it a pleasant experience. However, with choice comes difficulty. You have the SUVs, you have the 4×4, and also the larger hatchback models. When it comes to a family car Ford has it sewn up. The S-Max is a perfect option for this. It gives you that more desired space, with an easily accessible tailgate. It also has sliding doors making it perfect for getting in and out of its busy car parks. Especially when children are involved. The engine sizes vary to appeal to all kinds of drivers. The Ford Ranger Raptor is also a great option that gives you the best of both worlds with extra seats in the back and the benefit of the pick-up truck.

The Executive Car Market

What about cars for business users? The people that spend a lot of time in their cars. Either for work or traveling to the workplace. Then look no further than the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This all-electric vehicle is packed full of tech. A cloud‑connected in‑car infotainment system enabling advanced route planning and conversational voice recognition. It makes for the perfect mobile office. Alongside that, you’ll get a frunk providing up to 100 litres of extra storage space.

The Commercial Market

Of course, we can’t forget the popular Ford commercial market which has seen the Transit become iconic on our roads today. But with the smaller connect models as well as the Ford Ranger, there is a vast range to choose from. The Ford Transit Custom Sport is a great option that gives you the best of both worlds. A car-like interior with extra seats in the back is an option, with the benefits of a van to be used in the workplace.

The SUV Car Market

Whether it’s a larger family car or something that suits all requirements the SUV range will have it all. From the seven-seat Ford Everest to the smaller but capable compact Puma model, Ford has upped their game in this market. There is a lot on offer all subject to the type of car you want.

Let’s hope this has helped you become more clearer about the Ford range and the availability.

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