Make Money by Clearing Out

Could you do with some spare cash right now? A good clear out could generate hundreds in cash across a weekend – it just all depends on what you’ve got in your house! But until you throw it all into boxes and see what you’ve got, you’ll never know. So clear your schedule and go through each room systematically to see what valuable items live in them. Whilst you’re there, use the tips below to determine the worth of your items, and whether they’ll really make you money through an online auction.

You May Have a Hidden Treasure Somewhere

It’s true! You could have something incredibly valuable just tucked away in the attic or your bedroom drawer and not even know it. From first edition books to old board games, vintage furniture you inherited and old toys from a bygone era, you could make some big money by digging them out and selling them to the right person.

Be sure to also dig out any old tech you still have. Verify if it’s still working then brush off the dust and get it listed. However, even if it can just be scrapped for part you could still get some good money for it, so don’t throw anything away!

Anything in Good Condition is Worth Selling

Even if it’s not old or vintage in any way, something could be worth selling just for being in good condition. Items you bought last year, items you bought over 10 years ago that aren’t ‘special’ – they’re all worth a bit of cash to someone. As long as they still look good and work well, you can sell them on to someone who’s looking to score a bargain.

Items that fall under this category include older kitchen appliances, any furniture that comes with a contemporary label, as well as clothing and accessories. If you have children, you could also sell old toys they no longer play with, especially if you still have the original boxes to ship them in.

Don’t Forget the Garage

While the garage is meant for storing your car in, it tends to be the room we chuck any old thing into. This means it ends up as a general storage room, and one day you may not even be able to open the door with everything that’s in there!

Start with the garage for best results; it’s a bit like the attic in terms of valuable items you could throw onto Ebay. Bikes you don’t use, old gym equipment you never tried – these are all valuable. And if you do have a car in there, check the make and model. If it’s an older vehicle, it could be vintage by now and worth thousands. Indeed, you could sell your corvette or an older BMW for the same price as buying a brand new car!

A good clear out can make you money in a variety of ways. List everything online and be selective about who you sell to.