Gaming Content Creators’ Guide: Where to Begin

Photo by Roberto Nickson

There is an astonishing amount of gaming content available for people to enjoy. From video review channels and bloggers to streamers, it seems you only need to spend a few seconds online to encounter some discourse about the largest entertainment medium on the planet. It’s thrilling to witness how culture vibrates when landmark releases drop — whether it’s celebrities discussing Elden Ring or the GTA VI trailer amassing over a hundred million views within its first few days.

But what if you want to add your voice to the mix? It might seem like you’re a little late to the party. After all, there’s already a plethora of discussion, so how can you differentiate yourself? Some even post review videos only after achieving a 100% rank in some games. So, how can you compete with that when you have a real life to live? Fear not, because you might find joy in the following approach:

Run A Gaming Website & Blog Space

A website is one of the best ways to put together a portfolio of gaming opinions. You can practice blog writing, articles, and even screenshot compilations. There’s a nice old-school format to putting a blog post or review together in written form, and it means you won’t have to feel exasperated trying to follow the latest YouTube thumbnail trends or putting together derivative content that everyone else is doing. Moreover, modern websites have awesome template layouts you can use to put together something seamless, and their IT support is reliable too. You could even use this as a portfolio space if you were to apply for a more full-time position at a gaming website!

Write Reviews From Your Profiles

Steam, GOG, Xbox, and many other platforms allow you to write full-length reviews for certain titles directly from your profile. Here you can match that to your actual gaming account, so people can read your thoughts on the game while also checking out your progress in it. Steam in particular offers a healthy community of people coming together to write reviews and even review groups to join for potentially free game codes. It’s a nice, low-stakes method of practising putting your thoughts together while also building up your online profiles and benefiting as a result.

Record Your Matches Online & Make Clip Compilations

If you set up tools like Shadowplay on PC, or the record function on your console, you can easily save clips of your online matches and make clip compilations from them. Sometimes that’s much more relaxing than streaming a whole game, because “funniest moments” are often quite popular online, and it can help you share your gameplay with other people. Before long you may have invites to play with other people, exacerbating the community and connections you foster through gaming. Sometimes, that can make the many hours we spend in digital worlds feel so much more productive.

With this advice, you’re certain to put out unique, interesting and necessary gaming content. What’s more, you’ll be having a blast with the process!

Photo by Roberto Nickson