How to Save Money on Streaming Services in 2022

Streaming is all the rage in today’s modern era because it’s a quick and effective way to keep up with the latest movie releases, catch up on your favourite TV shows, and also listen to the music you love-on demand.

However, the cost of streaming such services can quickly mount up. Once you add up your Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Disney+ and Amazon Prime costs, you could be paying quite a hefty sum each month. So, let’s take a look at how you can dramatically save money on streaming services to free up more cash without having to go without your favourite entertainment.

Share Subscriptions

10 years ago it was pretty unheard of to actually subscribe to the paid versions of the platforms we love. Nowadays however, the prices have dropped to a more affordable rate, and pretty much everyone has some sort of subscription service they’ve signed up to. So, instead of paying for all of them alone, why not share them with a friend? Perhaps you have YouTube Family with an extra slot you could offer, and they have Spotify Premium for families they could offer you? Sharing subscriptions frees up money while still allowing you to enjoy your favourite services.

Convert Online Content*

While mobile data is accessible pretty much everywhere these days, the cost of streaming while on the move is still pretty high, meaning your mobile data gets used up quickly. Instead of relying on streaming services like this, consider using a yt to mp3 converter to download content to your device before travelling. It’ll save you on mobile data, and maybe even the subscription altogether!

Downgrade Your Package

Quite often companies like Netflix and Amazon entice their customers by offering their larger packages for a discounted price – but this is usually only for a limited amount of time. Firstly, check to see if your price has gone up. Secondly, check to see if there’s a cheaper package that suits your needs available. If there is, you know what to do.

Use Free Trials

Pretty much all subscription services have free trials, so why not use them? Sure, it might only be a week or a month, but it’ll save you a pretty penny or two while still being able to enjoy your favourite music and TV shows. For those that don’t require card details, why not use an alternative email address and take the trial again?

Cancel Your Least Used Subscriptions

Finally, we’re all guilty of signing up for things we never use. Gym memberships, for example are commonly forgotten about, but the gyms still take the money from your bank account. The same goes for your streaming services. Check to see what you’re actually signed up for, and if there are any you don’t use/don’t use very much, get rid of them and enjoy the extra cash in your bank.

As you can see, there are many ways you can save money on your streaming enjoyment – which one are you going to try first?

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