SunGod Sunglasses: Where Cutting Edge meets Classic Style


Looking for a new pair of shades that are tough and that you can take anywhere? Then you have to check out SunGod sunglasses – they’re #AdventureProof.

I’m tough on sunglasses! I drop them, throw them around and leave them lying around in odd places so I’ve pretty much never managed to find a pair of sunglasses that are tough enough… until now.

SunGod Sunglasses

SunGod sunglasses are available in four different styles – Renegades™, Sierras™, Classics2, and Pacebreakers™.  I opted for a pair of Renegades™ because I really like the look and they’re a style of sunglasses I find the most comfortable. Ordering is simple and the website is intuitive – all of the sunglasses are customisable and you get to select the frame, lens and logo colours giving you stacks of freedom. Price ranges from R900 to R1400 depending on what option you choose, but shipping is free.

These shades are comfortable!  They’re lightweight and the matte finish helps keep them in place when they’re wet and stay cool on your face without getting sticky or sweaty when it’s hot.

SunGod Sunglasses

SunGod 4K Optics® lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate and filter out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. They’re also polarised to reduce glare and enhance optical clarity. This makes them a great choice for home use. Whether using your Blackout Bingo bonus code to enjoy online gaming or playing sports in the backyard, wearing the SunGod glasses will deliver the protection you deserve.

They’re saltwater safe, impact and scratch resistant plus if you ever feel like a change they’re interchangeable. Out the box, the glasses come with a 100% microfibre pouch which is recommended for keeping the glasses clean.

SunGod Sunglasses

SunGod frames have a 2mm polycarbonate core and are made from TR90 memory polymer, a unique material allowing the frames to bend without snapping or showing any signs of stress. This allows the glasses to always return to their original shape. SunGods are built to last which is why they come with a lifetime guarantee. If your SunGods break they will repair or replace them free of charge. It’s a simple as that.1

SunGod Sunglasses

1 The SunGod Lifetime Guarantee applies to SunGod Classics², Renegades™, Sierras™, PaceBreakers™, and Revolts™ and covers the product in case of Manufacturer’s Defects and Accidental Breakage. If your Classics², Renegades™, Sierras™, PaceBreakers™ or Revolts™ break (or you break them), we will repair them free of charge. Simple. The SunGod Lifetime Guarantee does not cover lens scratches, wear and tear, loss or theft. Alteration, misuse or abuse will void this guarantee. You can read full terms here.


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  • Carey-Anne Kerby
    November 7, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Wow those look stunning!! Thanx my Christmas wishlist has just got a little bit longer!! lol It is so very difficult to find decent glasses that remove the glare but you can still see through and ones that don’t brake cause you dropped them from a foot off the ground. #Sunglasses #SunGod

  • Pearl Sithole
    December 13, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    I want them so bad

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