How to Start Decreasing Screen Time Throughout the Day

Tech is amazing; there’s obviously no debate there. But honestly, there is one thing that might be approached, and that’s how tech can help your health but how it can hurt your health, too. Technically, it’s you who does it, and tech is the tool. One major problem that seems to be happening is more screen time. Sure, there are discussions on whether or not too much screen time can create addictions and shorten attention spans.

Taking the actual phone out of the equation for a bit, there are people who are using products like Blushield to help protect themselves against 5G. At the end of the day, sometimes, it’s a good thing to not constantly be looking at a phone. So, here’s how you can start decreasing your screen time throughout the day.

You’ll Need to Set Clear Goals

While on the bright side, there are a lot of uses for screens, especially with your phone, it’s still going to help to set some clear goals. Why would you want to decrease screen time? Maybe it’s not your phone, maybe it’s the computer? The TV? Video games? Honestly, it’s whatever you want, but you should be clear on the goals you want to set. So, think of why you want, and think of goals that will help get you there in the process.

Try to Have At Least One Tech-Free Zone

No matter how much you love gadgets, from smart watches and cameras to anything and everything involving tech, it’s going to help to have at least one area in your home where you can separate yourself. Maybe this could be strictly at the dinner table, or maybe an area that you only want to dedicate to another hobby, such as reading. Whatever it is, it’s important to try to establish one area.

This on its own will eventually become a habit where you’ll instantly drop your device and will separate it from some other activity. A lot of people do this in their beds, and it helps them get into the habit of not using their phones during bedtime.

Consider Screen-Free Hours

Or even tech-free hours if you want to take it up another notch. So, why is this relevant whatsoever? Well, this can essentially coincide with tech-free zones. Allow yourself to have a couple of hours where you’re just unwind and don’t use anything. Again, like above, this could be while you eat dinner, a time when you do another hobby, or even an hour before going to bed to give your eyes a break.

Consider Mindfulness with Your Devices

A lot of people mix this up with gratitude, but mindfulness basically means being self-aware. Before picking up something like your phone, ask if it’s necessary. Are you just going to scroll through social media and relook at the same posts? Do you need to do something important on there instead, like responding to an email or looking up something? It’s pretty important to think about these things.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash