5 Tips to Level Up Your Gaming Experience

When it comes to making your gaming experience more exciting, what do you usually think of? For many, it’s just sitting at their gaming station, having the right food, a good amount of time, and just letting themselves play until they’re done. This classic way of playing video games is great. It’s comfortable, it’s very reminiscent of childhood, and it’s almost stress-free in a way. While the video game community (and technology) is constantly changing, shouldn’t that also mean that you should try and level up your gaming experience too? Here are some helpful tips for achieving just that!

1. Plan your gameplay

Why not have a game plan? Honestly, game plans can just make the whole video game playing experience just so much better. Having a plan of action in what you’re wanting to do is going to give you confidence, and this is going to allow you to get further into your gameplay as well.

2. Focus on the positives versus the negatives of a game

In a game, there are always two sides – one side focusing on the positives and the other focusing on its negatives. It is important to be able to focus on both of these aspects of a game so that you can determine what makes it successful. It sounds weird, right? Well, just like in gaming reviews, all video games are going to have their pros and cons.

If a game is just making you feel far too stressed, why play it? If a game is relaxing but too boring, why play it? What are games that you thoroughly enjoy? Games that don’t create negative emotions? Gaming should be about having fun, not just trying to win.

3. Cheat! But be strategic about it!

There is nothing wrong with cheating in a game here and there. When it comes to a competitive based game, no you shouldn’t do it as you should carry good sportsmanship. But, if you’re playing a single-player game with NPCs, there is nothing wrong at with cheating. Cheating, whether it be cheat codes, getting through obstacles, or getting new items, can all be so much fun. Plus, if you’re simply needing a walkthrough, which is basically a tutorial for getting through an obstacle, is that even cheating? The point of video games is to have fun, to give yourself fun. Cheating in video games can at times be fine and fun.

4. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed

It sounds a bit odd, right? Well, compared to twenty, or even ten years, video game culture has drastically changed. There are so many video games out nowadays. Whether it’s an indie developer or a large company, there’s just so much to choose from. Try to avoid getting yourself too overwhelmed with what’s out there.

5. Get comfortable

Whether you’re playing Retro Video Games or some modern games, why not create a comfortable space? Maybe this is at your game station, your couch, recliner, bed, or wherever else. In general, you deserve to have some comfort while having fun. This can include providing yourself some snacks, good lighting, and in general just a very comforting atmosphere. You definitely owe it to yourself to be comfortable while giving yourself a good time!


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