Get your very own custom Lego Minifigure from Mini-me.co.za


Lego® is the one toy we all pretend to outgrow, but never really do. If you grew up playing with Lego® you’ve probably thought about how cool it would be to have a mini Lego version of yourself.

I hate to admit it but I have spent countless hours online looking at websites that allow you to ‘Brickify’ yourself but have never really found the right one… until now! Introducing Mini-Me.co.za Personalised Lego® Gifts a local online store that has made it super simple for you to create an awesome Lego® version of yourself or anyone for that matter. Mini-me.co.za custom minifigures are great for any occasion and would even make a super unique corporate gift.

Don’t tell anyone… but this is my second minifigure from Mini-me.co.za and it’s probably not going to be my last.


The Mini-Me.co.za store is super simple to navigate and the process of putting together and ordering your character is seamless. They have 1000’s of options to choose from including stacks of accessories so the possibilities are endless. If you happen to be creatively challenged or think someone might enjoy picking out their own goodies gift vouchers are also an option.


Depending on what you order you can expect to pay around R300.00 including a stand and a gift bag. They also offer premade minifigures for those in a hurry, but where is the fun in that? Oh and don’t forget about ‘Mini Muni’ the Mini-Me loyalty program where you basically earn back 10% on every order placed to put towards any future purchases.  Bonus: Mini-Me will give you 200 points just for creating an account. #ChaChing

So head on over to Mini-Me.co.za to start creating your very own Lego® minifigure.


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  • Amy
    September 3, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    This is so rad, I’m definitely going to have a look.

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